Penguicon 6.0

It’s officially official. Actually, it was official when I paid my registration fee a few months back, but it’s super ultra certain now. I will be at the Penguicon this weekend in Troy, Michigan. This revelation means that I got my truck running after sitting all winter in the driveway. I’m a bit giddy to drive the old girl again. I miss driving a stick shift. 🙂

I’m going to bring a video camera, and hopefully upload some footage and photos to the Linux Journal site (and maybe here too). If you’re going to be there, please be sure to look me up. We can be geeks together!

6 thoughts on “Penguicon 6.0”

  1. For some reason Shawn, I’m having a difficult time picturing you driving that truck.

    Can we get video of that?

    I’ve got the flip on my Amazon wish list–I tend to dislike video, but the Flip looks…. fun!

    And you have my sympathy if you’ve been stuck driving an automatic–especially in the snow! ICK!

  2. I have seen Shawn drive that truck across the state to come get computers from me. He had the worlds smallest U-Haul trailer just because he wanted to make my life fun. Lets put 30 computers into a trailer the size of a washing machine!

    Shawn looks like a hardcore player driving that beast!

  3. That’s right! I forgot I brought Ol’ Betsy down to get those computers! Poor Monochrome did have to load them up too…

    If it makes you feel better, *I* had to unload them all myself when I got back. 🙂

  4. It’s all good Shawn thats one of the never changing laws of IT.
    No matter how fancy your title gets you can never escape all of the grunt work.


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