10 thoughts on “Brain of Shawn Podcast #2”

  1. You know, I’m not a writer (nor do I play one on T.V.), but I have to say the quality of written communication in this country in general is really very poor.

    When I communicate with people in my business life, it simply amazes me how illiterate so many of my co-workers are.

    Instead of stabbing them with a fork, it makes me want to stab their English teachers with a fork.

  2. Yay! Podcast #2! I’ve been waiting for it. If only I’d waited, I could have been listening while doing chores this afternoon.

    ::scurries off to download and listen at home::

  3. Thanks for making a second podcast Shawn. I don’t think there way any reason to say sorry in the cast though. Your casts are cool and not a waste of time at all.

    I just wanted to say that while everyone seems to be coming together in this virtual global community you have been talking about there is a trade off. As much as I love all the instant communication people seem to have little concern for their privacy anymore.

    It’s a scary world when you might not get a job because HR found all your myspace pics of you being a party animal. Worse yet former coworkers blogging rumors about you.

    Thats the paranoia rant from the guy who never posts under his own name!

  4. Aww. You’d have coffee with me? That’s awesome! I usually drink a short breve with a ridiculous amount of sugar, turbinado sugar if they have it.

  5. hehe — sorry, I upgraded to WordPress 2.5. Upgrades often bork things for me, so I tested the comments. Everything seems fine, except that my widgets all disappeared along with my header graphic. Minor details…

  6. Pure Shawn… loved it.

    Except that you have to stop saying “sorry this isn’t more interesting.” You wouldn’t say that in a query letter, would you? 😉

  7. Just got around to listening…

    and GOOD GRIEF! As I was just ranting on my site, what is WRONG with people that they send “professional” e-mails that are horrific?!

    We’re looking to hire a new GA, and receive e-mails that didn’t use capitalization, cover letters and resumes that were not edited, and just all kinds of stupidity.

    Why would someone think they could get a job with the e-mail, “i would like to apply 4 a position in yr lab”?

    MORONS! All of them!

    Also, some blogs remind me in many ways the BBSes I was on in the mid 90s. The groups were small enough that you could get to know most everyone with whom you are talking, but not so large as to become overwhelming.

    In fact, I still have friends I met on the BBSes, and I ended up meeting several of them, including friends in Connecticut and Illinois.

    So it’s not strange at all. However, I do think there is a critical mass at which a system can become too large–where it’s hard to get to know the people with whom you’re spending time on-line. And FWIW, I think The Whatever may be reaching that critical mass–the point at which the comment threads become too large to keep up with.

    But it’s also why I keep going back to Whateveresque, because it’s structure still allows smaller threads with a more personal feel.

    And that’s my feedback. 🙂


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