Pay No Attention to the Directions

I found ’em!!! (They had fallen off the bookshelf) Yes, I realize I’m supposed to take them at night. If I do, however, I wake up 274 times to pee. I do not enjoy waking up that many times, but admittedly, I prefer it over wetting the bed. So my new “in the morning” method is fully doctor approved.


Oh, and thanks for all the pokes. πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Pay No Attention to the Directions”

  1. Well get ON it man!

    And when WAS your last appointment sir?

    You know that with health issues you should have appointments on a regular basis, right? When was the last time your blood pressure was checked by a health professional? Hm?

  2. Wow. Your readership really seems to care about your medical treatment. Well done, you!

    But “Thanks for all the pokes”? Really?

    How “Family Guy” of you…


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