I Hate Digg

I really don’t have a good reason to hate Digg, but it’s just frustrating that it’s guided by the general public. Because honestly, I think the general public is dumb. Not individuals (I think you personally are shiny), but rather as a whole.

I can write some well thought out, interesting stuff — and get minimal diggs. I can write “off the cuff” nonsense, and get quite a few. Of course, never enough to get the highly sought after popular fanfare — but still, noticeably more.

For some reason, I’ve gotten my brain wrapped around an axle this week, and done my best to get “dugg” to the point of popularity. It never happened, and it was frustrating to boot. So, I figured I’d just go back to writing stuff for the sake of expressing my thoughts. I think I like it better that way.

So, how are you? 🙂

13 thoughts on “I Hate Digg”

  1. I think I’m doing better than you, since I don’t care about Digg, Technorati, or any other referral-type services. I decided to blog for my own amusement, and if the masses are not entertained…well, I guess I just don’t care.

    And, yes, we of the UCF are SHINEY, SHINEY.

    Go, us.

  2. Well, you know, you just gotta wait until people dig it, you know, ’cause the REALLY far out, groovy people already dig you, you know. So just be cool, and stay in your groove, and soon your scene will be dug, you dig?

  3. Digg? Huh? (Just goes to show how cool I am, I guess.)

    P.S. I just finished posting pictures from my recent trip to Haiti — come check ’em out, if you have a chance!

  4. I don’t believe in Digg. I’m gonna score my massive readership the old fashioned way…bribes.

    In the meantime…

    We love you just the waaaaaay you arrrrrre

  5. Have a safe trip to the Penguicon!! Love yous!! Wish GR was on the way to Troy, you could stop and see us, but I’ll be working anyway. Have fun!

  6. It’s not the quantity of people who think you’re cool. It’s the quality of the ones who do. You’re on the quality boat, cruising around. Them other masses of peoples is just watching from the shore!

  7. Didn’t you guys get the memo? Shawn bribes me to drive content on his site. How else could I afford to drive a 1994 Dodge Shawdow?


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