Tux: Possibly Permanent

Many of you know that we have a Silky Terrier named Tux. He’s cute. He’s affectionate. He’s travel sized.

He’s also not housebroken.

I don’t require too many things from our pets, but proper bathroom habits ranks near the top of the list. In fact, there remains a distinct possibility that Tux, awesome namesake or not, won’t remain a member of the Powers’ household. He has until the end of summer.

Thankfully, last night, he made it through the night without desecrating our home. This pleased me greatly. It was actually 2 nights in a row, so I see some hope.

Go Tux Go! (but like, go outsite and stuff)

8 thoughts on “Tux: Possibly Permanent”

  1. No, he has accidents during the day when we’re at work too. If we crate him at night, he barks ALL NIGHT LONG. If we crate him during the day, he creates a slurry of feces and urine, then happily mops it up with his super absorbent fur.

    This dog takes more baths per week than dirty bit does. 🙂

  2. Ugh.

    Oh, when we watch my Dad’s dog, we throw a sheet over his crate at night, so he doesn’t see the cats to bark at them all night.

    Kinda like a bird. 🙂

    Not to be stupid, but have you looked for a medical issue? We had a dog (who’d been a stray) who had a physical inability to hold her urine when she got excited. And since she was a *really* happy dog, she had to be an outside dog. But she was perfectly content to be outside, so it worked out.

    And *ew*. Who gets to clean him? I’m guessing you’re the lucky one?

    And (once more with feeling) EW!

  3. No, Donna is really great about bathing him. (He’s her dog)

    I think a large part of the problem is really just training. When we got him, it was so cold, and the snow was so deep, it was hard for him to get the concept that going out side to expose your nether bits was a good idea.

    Thankfully, he’s NOT a piddly dog, as many small dogs are. By that I mean he doesn’t piddle when he’s excited. I hate that in a dog, so I’m really really happy he can hold his water when excited.

    Unfortunately, I believe he’s just not that intelligent either. Only recently has be begun to respond to angry owners. Before, he just didn’t care or comprehend when we scolded him.

    But man is he cute…

  4. Oh, one last thing. My brother has a male (unfixed) dog who has problems with marking, so he has “doggie diapers” which are just a padded length of material with velcro along the ends. (here)

    Not sure if it would work, since Tux likes to roll around in the mess he makes, but it couldn’t *hurt*.

    And I’m sure it’ll amuse your daughters as much as it amused me.

  5. But You gotta admit….he IS cute.
    The sheet over the crate thing always worked for us..but has been years since we have had a dog here at Wilsonworld. I am hoping that will change soon.

  6. See, this is where I’m a total sucker: every time I looked into that widdle ewok face I’d lose all my steely resolve that The Mutt Must Go! I’d learn to live with the soggy carpets and all the rest of it, and come up with rationalizations.

    An example of what biologists mean when they suggest that dogs did a marvelous job of “training” us when we thought we were “domesticating” them. Widdle fucking parasites.

    He’s a cute dog. Hope you’re able to get him housebroken.


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