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The iPhone Gets Its Own Photo Sharing Site

This company is run by friends from Houston — and it’s actually a very useful, simple photo sharing site. iPhone isn’t required. 🙂

Natuba is a new photo sharing site that targets iPhone users with an emphasis on mobile uploading.

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2 thoughts on “The iPhone Gets Its Own Photo Sharing Site”

  1. But Shawn, Why an iPhone? What does an iPhone offer that you can’t get elsewhere? – Supporting Apple’s proprietary format isn’t really helpful for Linux is it? – Heck, I’ve an LG phone that’s rather locked, and wish I could do more, and upload pictures to Bright Kite all the time. – – – But why the iPhone? ughhgg…

  2. partially because I work at a school that is half Apple products, so much of my stuff is already maccy. Partially because of all the nice apps, and lastly because many of the “Linux friendly” phones suck…


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