Should Linux Standardize on a Single Distro?

Another immigrant article from the Linux Journal site — but again, I think this is worth discussion if you’re a Linux person. If you’re looking for discussion, I’d go either to the Linux Journal site to comment, or to the Digg link. Happy Monday!

When I demonstrate software for Linux Journal, I tend to use Ubuntu as my operating system. The reason is simply because Ubuntu is extremely popular, but it begs the question, should the Linux community standardize on a single distribution?

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7 thoughts on “Should Linux Standardize on a Single Distro?”

  1. No.

    At least, not yet. It is the cross-germination of ideas that happens from independent developers (doing independent distros) that provides some of the “push” for innovation in Linux.

    Let Ubuntu carry the flag for the casual user, but let the other guys continue to develop the cutting edge of functionality that eventually gets rolled into other distros.

    Besides, Linux guys are a cagey lot. Could you see them all working together on ONE thing? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I vaguely recall it was Redhat carrying the flag back when I was actually using linux. Someone else will probably take the flag from Ubuntu eventually. Such is the way of things in Computerland. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. You sure did! But after reading all the comments (I needed a break) there were some good ideas scattered throughout. You should be proud – it is a legitimate question that needs to be visited, and visited frequently. And it’s one that people who use Linux have strong opinions on.


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