A Double Poopy Day

Today stinks. Really and truly. First, when dropping the kids off to school, this happened to the gas stations in town:

Then, the reason I didnt’ stay at work after taking the kids, is because our toilets won’t flush. No mere plunger will do the trick, either. Our septic tank is full. At least, that’s my hope. Getting it pumped out is the cheap fix. Why it filled up when my soil is sandier than the beach is the larger worry. I’m going to try forgetting about that though. It turns out the tank is full, because when I finally got close to the the lid with a shovel, I was met by the foulest geyser you can imagine. I think I shall call it “Olde Crapful” (Yes, I added an “e” to the word old, because indeed whatever died down there has been rotting since that was the proper spelling…)

The poop pumping guy comes in about an hour. Then, I’m going to shower. Hard. 🙂

5 thoughts on “A Double Poopy Day”

  1. Shawn, what’s that stench? I can smell you in Texas!

    My fourteen month old son let loose with a floater in the bath tub last night, but that doesn’t remotely compare to being coated in slightly decomposed fecal matter.

    Good luck, bro. Hopefully you find your shower to be pleasantly cleansing.

  2. If it makes you feel any better, my aunt & uncle’s septic system had issues one cold holiday, and so it’s in the 30s and my uncle is outside in shorts mucking about in the septic tank to get whatever unstuck.

    Why shorts? Because he could was his legs, but pants would be ruined forever.

    Hope they fixed everything right up!

  3. I wondered why Richard came home and wanted me to remind him how lucky he was to not have a septic tank. Apparently he got to your blog entry before I. 🙂


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