Green Jelly

This song was released the year I graduated from high school. What crazy kids we were. 🙂

I was so not cool back in high school. I’m OK with that. Donna, however, was pretty cool. We didn’t go to the same school, and that’s probably a good thing, or I’d have never had the guts to talk to her. And homegirl can dance. 🙂 This afternoon her and the girls were dancing in the living room. I’m so thankful our girls have Donna to show them how to be cool. I’m glad they have me too, but there is so much they’d miss out on if it were for my awesome wife.

How are you?

7 thoughts on “Green Jelly”

  1. No WAY! We just had the “Jelly” versus “Jello” discussion here… It ended with us buying the song on iTunes, and forcing the kids to listen to us sing along. 😀

  2. I totally remember this while I was in high school – one of the guys I knew had a minivan and we’d take the seats out and have a mobile moshpit inside of it… ridiculous. 🙂

  3. Michelle, that makes you way cool. I have the CD, but it’s the Green Jelly release.

    And Shawn, I wasn’t cool in high school either. It wasn’t until I went to college for the second time after leaving the Air Force that I became anywhere close to cool.

    And like Phil Collins, I can’t dance.

  4. Thats an awesome video! I used to listen to that song all the time. I never knew the name of the band though I’m guessing I recorded it off the radio.

  5. I had heard the song, but never seen the video. Bill said he had seen the video. I remember hearing it on the radio, but I think there must be a radio version. I didn’t remember the second pig smoking ganjaa (weed).
    I can remember when you and Donna would dance ballroom style, flipping her and turning around, all that fancy dancing. Yes your wife can dance! She taught me a little ballet, back in the day of other strange music. Can’t think of the song we danced to……darn.


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