Bright Orange Above Ground Cable

After 4 months of calling, complaining, calling, begging, calling, ranting, and then calling again — Charter finally sent out a technician that agreed to do what I asked the original guys in March to do. That is, to replace the coax cable from the road to my house. The connector at the house sat exposed to the elements for years when we had satellite, and were badly corroded. Sure, they clipped off the end and started “fresh”, but my suspicion was that water had damaged the cable itself.

According to the signal loss in the cable, I was right. I’m sure my head will soon expand to the point I can’t get in the door. Anyway, the new cable is installed, and my Internet connection hasn’t gone offline for over 5 hours. I’m guardedly optimistic. 🙂

So, now with the Internet connection going at (hopefully) full tilt, maybe I’ll get around to like posting and stuff. Ya know?

4 thoughts on “Bright Orange Above Ground Cable”

  1. Of course you were right! You’d think, given the length of time the connector was exposed to the elements they’d have at least tested the cable to insure it hadn’t been damaged. That’s Troubleshooting 101.

    Congrats on (hopefully) good connectivity.

  2. This seems to be the way all big companies operate. I have been waiting for AT&T to get me DSL since I bought my house a year ago. I have no high speed internet at home but everyone around me does.

    One mile north can get DSL one mile south can get DSL. All the phone lines were being replaced with new ones when I was moving in. A lineman told me all they needed to do is put in the CO box and I would have DSL on my road.

    One year and many phone calls later the CO box never got put in and there is no estimated time for it to EVER happen.

  3. You have cable?

    I just upgraded to the 15mbps down 2mbps up, and it’s sweet. I can actually pull those speeds to Chicago and other select servers around the internet.

    (I can’t remember if I told you about this before though 🙂 )


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