Star Trek the Experience: CLOSING!?!?! NOOOO!!!!!

In a very depressing bit of news, Star Trek: The Experience is apparently closing on September 1st of this year. STTE has been one of those places I hoped to visit someday, and I don’t see how I can possibly get there before Sept. 1.

I really can’t tell you how sad I am. I just can’t explain it. *sigh*

11 thoughts on “Star Trek the Experience: CLOSING!?!?! NOOOO!!!!!”

  1. I was in the bar area but didn’t go on the ride or anything last summer. It was pretty empty of people when I went through, but that was during the day. It was a dark and geeky kind of a place to hang out. Too bad it’s going to be gone. If I remember right there was a huge Star Trek logo outside the hotel too.

  2. I’m with you on this one Shawn.
    I wish I could go before it closes. I had always thought it would be a neat thing to go and do but Vegas trips are never in my budget.

  3. I’ll be in Vegas in August. Is it worth it? Would a 7 year old enjoy it? I was thinking of bringing my family out this time.

  4. Yes. You’ll probably need to buzz by the exhaustive timeline, but the “rides” are interactive enough that a 7 year old would enjoy it. (Unless they are particularly sensitive — there is one period of darkness in the Klingon one (the superior one, IMO) and mild alarms and threatening figures in the distance on both.)

    I’m so glad I got to go before it closes!

  5. Vegas seems like the kind of place everyone should see at least once, just for the spectacle of it. Even if you don’t gamble (which I don’t) there’s so much to just see and gawk at. One thing I thought was funny about the Star Trek Experience (like I said before I only made it to the bar area) was that was the one place I saw Star Wars slots. I would have thought such a conflict would have caused a rift in the universe, but I guess they found a way to contain it. Maybe Q and Yoda teamed up to hold the fabric of reality together.


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