First off, I highly recommend you do not watch “America’s Got Talent” — it’s almost entirely absurd. Their adoption of Jerry Springer as host only exemplifies that. That said, it was on TV while I was in my office, so I left it on for background noise. I heard a young man singing, and I was moved by his passion. Note: I was not moved by his amazing ability. He’s a good singer, but had timing issues, and his drawing out of the last bit of the song took away from the finish as opposed to adding to it (the latter being his hope I’m sure).

But the boy’s got passion. I wish I had the musical talent this young man has, because expressing emotion is not as easy as it sounds. Writing tends to be my shtick (well, videos too I guess), and I find it difficult, or at least seemingly more challenging to express emotion in the same way music allows. Perhaps it’s just the desire to have a talent I don’t possess, but whatever the reason, there’s no denying that music is powerful. Here’s a clip of Eli Mattson in action:

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