Ok, I’ll Type One Thing

If you haven’t been watching Dr. Horrible, you must. Joss Whedon has a master plan. I like the plan. You can be a part of the plan. You can watch it online for free, or buy it on iTunes. (I actually did both, I like supporting new ideas like this) There will also be other options available for purchase later, but the online free viewing ENDS on July 20th. You don’t want to miss it, I’m sure.

Click here to watch it online. The 3rd and final act will go live on my birthday.

5 thoughts on “Ok, I’ll Type One Thing”

  1. Thanks Shawn this is good stuff. I’m only 7 minutes into the first act and it’s good.
    I have to stop for now though people keep thinking I come to work to actually work. I’m mostly here for the high speed internet though.

  2. Ok I’m bummed out Shawn. I waited all weekend to see act 3 and it’s not free anymore. I even downloaded Itunes which is almost a sin in my eyes to find out that it’s $2 to buy the last act.

    Thankfully I already uninstalled Itunes before it consumed a gig of ram to sit idle. Any ideas how I can get the third act for free Shawn?

  3. Update: The score is now protected formats 0 piracy eleventy billion.
    I liked the conclusion of Act 3 and the fact that dark horse is
    actually a horse.

  4. So the “Master Plan” said there will be a DVD, obviously only if this project does not tank. I want to see that DVD and I would gladly buy it but I won’t give money to the Itunes bloat-wear store.

    I did not see any option for a direct download so what am I to do?

    Any ideas Shawn?


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