7 thoughts on “These Look Too Much Alike”

  1. Hahaha… That’s what you get for using spray deodorant 🙂

    Also this blog post would have been SO much better if you would have got them confused… And your face would smell good… and not sweat!

  2. This may sound like TMI, but bear with me, there is a punch line…

    I have a touch of ongoing allergies in the corners of my eyes, so I occasionally dab them with cortisone or benadryl cream.

    In the dim light of early morning, the tube of cortisone cream and ben-gay cream look nearly identical, especially when your *spouse* puts one back where the other usually goes.

    Yeah, ouch. Lots of rinsing.

  3. Ouch Jeri! I’ve done something similar – I needed to flush my eye with saline. I thought I’d grabbed the saline out of the cabinet (remember, I had crud in my eye, I couldn’t see too well). I’d grabbed the mentholated nasal spray. Ouchy ouchy ouchy. The good thing – my ear teared enough to finish clearing the debris. 🙂


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