13 thoughts on “Video Blog: 3:30AM, Cloverfield Edition”

  1. You have a dead hard drive ehh?
    Have you tried using spinrite to bring it back? I love showing off this program because it defies conventional wisdom about drives being “dead and gone”. http://www.grc.com/intro.htm

    It’s not free but it’s brought back a few drives for me that were unreadable, not spinning at all or making that sickly thumping noise.

    I’m up two hours early for no good reason at all so hopefully I made myself useful.

    Good luck with the mountain of boxes.

  2. Sadly, the PCB went bad. The drive won’t even spin up. I tried ordering a similar drive, but the revision number was different. I need:


    And I think I could recover the data myself. Sadly, I can’t seem to find one online for less than $250ish dollars. If I’m going to spend that much, I think it’s worth looking into recovery companies. (Which I’m doing)

    My backups were NOT good, stupid Mac failed to write to the network and never complained about it. Grumble Grumble.

  3. “Hi Garfield!” made me laugh. I don’t understand how you can function enough to even talk that early. I’d be grunting and snarling until at least ten. You have a highly irregular threshold for the wee hours.

    p.s. Cheese poem? Tick tock tick tock tick tock. Possible title for the MM post is “Honk if you love cheeses.” Be inspired by that. Or something.

  4. Re: coffee the most important thing to do at 3:30 a.m.: I think sleep might be the most important thing to do at that time. I know I’d like to be doing that now and it’s 8. Good for you, though, for getting up and to work that early.

    Ok, enough blog hopping for me. Back to work.

  5. Dude… First… You didn’t store your pictures directly on a redundant RAID (I know for a fact you have a RAID 5 at home). Also never trust your backups until you have restored from them… I’ve seen this happen WAY too many times. With my all time favorite being a lady I met who was using backup software to backup the shortcut to the program containing the data she wanted to backup to a floppy every day. She had a couple hundred floppies with a 1kb shortcut on them.

    Next, your office isn’t that bad… it could be worse, it’s just cluttered… messy is when you have multiple chocolate bars ground into the rug, and a piece of steak rotting somewhere… but you don’t know where, and possibly a bag of potatoes that has transformed from a solid to a liquid type state.

    I’ll see if i have that PCB board on a HD I have laying around.

  6. Carlie,

    You are not allowed to comment on office proper-ness until you have a coffee pot in the Houston office. If you *have* a coffee pot there now, well, yeah… it’s a mess here. And the dishes are gross. 🙂

  7. One of my client’s recovers data… http://www.globaldatafinder.com/ – tell him I sent ya, maybe he’ll give you a little discount-ish 🙂

    BUT, let’s talk about this mess…



    Seriously. Clean that up. New video of sparkly office coming soon?

    If I have more than a few things stacked on my desk I start to get the shakes. Just looking at that video made me go running to find the Clorox wipes. Dude… how many bags of trash did you get out of there? LOL.

    I know, it’s probably “clean but disorganized”.


    I need to go sit in the corner and rock back and forth singing the clean up song now…

    “Clean up, clean up, every body clean up, clean up clean up…”

  8. Seriously Shawn,

    This is one of those situations where I highly recommend the “Bulldozer Method” of cleaning. Then just start again with a bunch of new stuff.

    I know it’ll work great for you. You’re welcome.


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