Cheesy Poetry

So Crystal over at Aff The Fang assigned us the task of writing a poem about cheese. There were several interesting submissions. Go read for yourself. 🙂 (Mine is pasted below…)

by Shawn Powers

The yellow cheese from Cheddar was a sight that had to be seen,
See, the cows ate grass in Cheddar, high in beta carotene.
Perhaps the soil, perhaps the weather, no one really quite knew why,
Other towns couldn’t get that special taste, but boy they sure did try!

People saw the yellow cheese, and knew that Cheddar made the best,
And that palest orange tint made it stand out from the rest.
Other towns made lots of cheeses, some were good and some were bad,
But people paid more for Cheddar, for it was the best they’d ever had.

The other cheesers hated Cheddar, and all the people from the town,
They thought of every sneaky way to keep Cheddar’s profits down.
A lowly annatto tree farmer found the trick in a tiny seed,
It turned their cheeses yellow, which was just the thing in need.

People thought the yellow color is what made the Cheddar good,
So they paid more for the plain cheese, even though they never should.
For annatto seed adds color, but not a bit of taste,
All the extra cash for yellow, was a monumental waste.

So when you buy your cheeses, both the yellow and the white,
Know that a little town in England was the first to do it right.
If you judge your cheese by color, you might pay more than you should,
Be sure to taste the Cheddar, to make sure it’s really good!

6 thoughts on “Cheesy Poetry”

  1. ::applause::

    There once was a geek names Shawn
    Who a mighty brain and some brawn
    and lines about cheese
    never caused him to sieze
    or to curdle or melt or spawn

  2. Awesome!
    Where the heck were you when i was actively doing Junkyard Poetry?

    At least, when I have time to get it back up and running, i know who i am bugging to come and play….You too Tania!


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