Video Blog: Truck Cam I was just driving, and wanted to talk. This is what you get. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Video Blog: Truck Cam”

  1. We’re getting the second grade science lessons here. “Mommy, the spoon didn’t jump from your hands. It is a non-living thing. You dropped it.” If she ever, EVER tells me I don’t need coffee, I’m bundling her off to her grandparents.

  2. Your daughter’s social studies teacher and I need to have a talk. (I wanted to say in a dark alley, but realized I then would sound creepy… see, I blame this all on me watching a Godfather marathon this last weekend. Sigh. If I say anything about swimming with fishes at Linux Journal, will you remind me of my new apparent problem?) So yeah, I beg to differ with her social studies teacher. Ahem.

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  3. My son’s in 2nd grade as well. They know everything. Every. Thing. And I hate when they correct me. Aren’t we the parents?

    Buy Ambien Overnight Shipping Yeah. I know. But you do NEED coffee. I’m pretty sure they cover that your freshman year of college.

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  4. Hi I been checkin’ on you but didn’t have anything awsome to say so didn’t say anything. Sometimes my fingers are dislexic or something, maybe it’s a code they didn’t teach me but my fingers switch letters and the asd’s are ;lk’s you know I think I should quit while I’m behind and skip over trying to fix it. I’ll try to make a little more sence next time

  5. What’s a trackback? I don’t think you can leave one if you don’t know what it is. I went to that other place to see the macaroni speakers video, I wasn’t going to leave a comment, but I couldn’t figure out how anyway.


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