13 thoughts on “Video Blog: Truck Cam”

  1. But did you get the office clean?
    Too bad she didn’t teach you about the want/need thing earlier….
    ‘Cause based on what your little one learned in Social Studies, you really didn’t NEED to clean the office.

  2. We’re getting the second grade science lessons here. “Mommy, the spoon didn’t jump from your hands. It is a non-living thing. You dropped it.” If she ever, EVER tells me I don’t need coffee, I’m bundling her off to her grandparents.

  3. Your daughter’s social studies teacher and I need to have a talk. (I wanted to say in a dark alley, but realized I then would sound creepy… see, I blame this all on me watching a Godfather marathon this last weekend. Sigh. If I say anything about swimming with fishes at Linux Journal, will you remind me of my new apparent problem?)

    So yeah, I beg to differ with her social studies teacher. Ahem.

    Lovin’ Truck Cam.

  4. My son’s in 2nd grade as well. They know everything. Every. Thing. And I hate when they correct me. Aren’t we the parents?

    Yeah. I know. But you do NEED coffee. I’m pretty sure they cover that your freshman year of college.

    (Is the office clean yet?)

  5. Nah, we have a schedule for vid production, so it got bumped to… TODAY.

    There’s another guy the does video on my off week, so instead of trample on his time, we waited. It should be up soon, I had upload issues earlier today.

    And no, my office is still HORRIBLE. 😀

  6. Hi I been checkin’ on you but didn’t have anything awsome to say so didn’t say anything. Sometimes my fingers are dislexic or something, maybe it’s a code they didn’t teach me but my fingers switch letters and the asd’s are ;lk’s you know I think I should quit while I’m behind and skip over trying to fix it. I’ll try to make a little more sence next time

  7. What’s a trackback? I don’t think you can leave one if you don’t know what it is. I went to that other place to see the macaroni speakers video, I wasn’t going to leave a comment, but I couldn’t figure out how anyway.


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