Truck Cam: Evening Edition, Come Shopping With Me

Uk Ambien Online No video this morning, but I try to make up for it this evening. You get to see the local gas station in town, and buy Coke with me. How exciting. This is real reality TV. 😀

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10 thoughts on “Truck Cam: Evening Edition, Come Shopping With Me”

  1. I call it pop. I don’t know anyone that calls it soda. Except for a guy I work with and he’s from Texas. We Canadians assume that soda is an American term. (John, the Texan also says rubber band and candy bar. HAHA!! We tease him all the time. We’re so nasty!) Anyhow….how much did he say your Cokes were? Sounded like $20.80. But that surely can’t be right. If it is, you’re getting ripped off big time. I also noticed the price of gas on the sign as you drove in. It’s about the same here. Today it was $1.13/litre which equals $4.20 something a gallon. It’s outrageous! It changes everyday.
    Does the guy at the store read your blog?