10 thoughts on “Truck Cam: Evening Edition, Come Shopping With Me”


    Shawn. It says a lot that you tell the guy you are recording a trip to the mini mart and he just say “Ah”.

    Yeah, they know you there.

    Seriously. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

  2. I call it pop. I don’t know anyone that calls it soda. Except for a guy I work with and he’s from Texas. We Canadians assume that soda is an American term. (John, the Texan also says rubber band and candy bar. HAHA!! We tease him all the time. We’re so nasty!) Anyhow….how much did he say your Cokes were? Sounded like $20.80. But that surely can’t be right. If it is, you’re getting ripped off big time. I also noticed the price of gas on the sign as you drove in. It’s about the same here. Today it was $1.13/litre which equals $4.20 something a gallon. It’s outrageous! It changes everyday.
    Does the guy at the store read your blog?

  3. Shawn,

    I love truck cam and morning cam and pet cam and all the othe cams you’ve been employing lately. But I also love your written word. Any chance you’ll be bringing that back sometime?

    -Nathan who’s in a snotty mood even before 6am

  4. In Chicago we call it pop, except for at my mother in law’s house where the kids call their dad Pop, so they call it soda, cause otherwise it would be weird to say “I want some Pop” or “I could really go for some Pop right now.”

  5. I’ve been in California for a long time, so I call it soda, which is the more logical thing to call it, in my opinion. But my folks are from Michigan, so I grew up hearing them call it pop and, thusly, calling it pop as well. It just sounds weird to me now.

    Thanks for taking us shopping with you, Shawn!


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