What’s With the Videos, I Thought You Were a Writer?

As Nathan points out, I’ve been doing a lot of videos lately, and fewer and fewer posts that require actual text. It’s not because I forgot how to write, or because I think writing is outdated, but rather quite the opposite.

I’ve been working on an outline for a book. I find that if I write a lot here, I lose my desire to write privately. Also, if I put what I’m writing online immediately, I think after the first action scene, I wouldn’t want to delve back into the story, and it’d go unfinished.

BUT, I have this burning need for instant gratification and an online presence. I find that videos like “Truck Cam” fill that creative need without ruining writing for me. So, if things go right, this winter my actual blog writing will decrease (not go away), and my private writing will increase. I’m not going to let myself share any details until I’m finished, if nothing else than for motivation to complete the book. I’m going to be constantly reminding myself that a finished “sucky” book is easier to fix up than a half finished “good” book. Hopefully I’ll listen to myself and just write.

But NOW, I need to prepare for a community-wide technology meeting that I’m in charge of running! Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “What’s With the Videos, I Thought You Were a Writer?”

  1. I think you should clone yourself and do it all! Of course, if you succeed in cloning yourself, you’ll be very, very rich and won’t have to actually work, giving you plenty of time wot blog and private-write.

  2. I’m just waiting to see the self proclaimed Microsoft whore on stage with a Linux Journal staffer. I have every hope that a geek fight is the resulting outcome.


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