Come See What I’ve Been Prepping. No Really.

*whew* — what a week. Many of you know that I won’t be doing a review video this week for Linux Journal.

WAIT! Step away from the edge of that building. The story doesn’t end there. πŸ™‚

Starting this evening, I’ll be hosting “Linux Journal Live” on Thursday nights. When I was in Houston back in March, a live show was something we discussed as a future endeavor. (Carlie left the notes on her whiteboard, and we also apparently had a plan to “squirt video”, the definition of which baffles me to this day…) Anyway, the future is today. At 8:30PM EST to be precise.

There will be live chat, a cool co-host, and most likely coffee. Well, at least for me.

So please, join us!

12 thoughts on “Come See What I’ve Been Prepping. No Really.”

  1. I don’t think making fun of me would ruin it… And yes, I’d love to fill the chat room during the show. (secret fear? broadcasting to an empty room…)

    And pizza? If it’s Dominos, you’d better order now. LOL!

  2. Yes, it is from home. πŸ™‚ And if you send me pizza, I’ll totally give you a shout-out. And if you’re in the area, I’ll even share.

    (Now is where I try to pretend that I’m not terribly giddy at the idea of a pizza delivery. In a few moments, I’ll probably start to worry about it arriving postage due… LOL!)

  3. I doubt my home internet connection will be able to do live video.

    In rural Michigan a 512k wireless connection with super high latency is considered “high speed”. Ya know it must be high speed since it’s faster than dial up, which is the stupid sales pitch / excuse they use here.

    Alright that’s enough angry Brad ranting.

    Good luck with the show I will watch as long as my internet holds out.

  4. So, for those of us already familiar with IRC and/or unable to get to the chatroom via a web browser (my setups at work are really, really bizarre right now…) … what’s the server name and room name to aim for?


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