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Participatory Post: Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm

  • I find it intriguing that my windshield wipers short out when it rains. On any given day of the week, I can use them — but when it rains, they short out.
  • I think “convenience sized” bars of soap at hotels are very inconveniently sized.

Yes yes, only two — now it’s your job to continue. No oxymoron is too moronic. No pair a docks is too paradoxical. No puns are too punny. No play on words to too playful…


17 thoughts on “Participatory Post: Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmm”

  1. A coworker at my last part-time job was pretty short and she said she was “fun sized”. I don’t know how she compares on a fun-o-meter versus someone of average height.

    Here’s an oldy but goody. Why is there braille on a drive up ATM?

    If one found oneself outside and naked in the dead of winter and he/she had to pass gas, would it look like a cloud of condensed air, similar to when one exhales in cold temperatures? (I have no compulsion to test this, just something to ponder.)

  2. I actually think it’s Ironic that your windshield wipers don’t’ work when it rains because they short out. And it’s so rare to come across situations that are ACTUALLY ironic!

    I can’t think of anything off the top of my head for this post though…

  3. Why is there a sign at the drive thru McDonalds that says “Picture and Braille menus available”?

    Why don’t more bathrooms have changing rooms in the MEN’S ROOM? It’s not always the woman’s job (thank gawd mine are all potty trained and butt wiping themselves)

  4. Sorry. Forgot this.

    Is there another word for synonym?
    If you’re trying to prove the Law of Murphy, will you then fail?
    If love makes you blind, then why are sexy underwear so popular?

    Think that’s all 😉

  5. Shawn,

    You probably have a loose or stripped wire under the hood attaching to your windshield wipers, which is why they’re shorting out when it gets wet.

    Electrical tape–assuming you can find the right wire(s)–is your friend.

    You may also want to check because their might be other potential issues, and headlights that short out would be a Very Bad Thing.

  6. This is neither a pun, nor a paradox, nor irony, but…

    every time you go to plug in a USB, you have a 50/50 shot at putting it in the right way. I never get it right the first time. Never!

  7. You get what came to my mind first…
    I think this is a bib city thing, cause I don’t think any where around here…
    when you have to turn Right to go Left…I always thought that was nuts.

  8. I think those are most notorious in New Jersey.

    We have one of those jughandle things here, but nobody uses it correctly. They prefer to stop up all traffic in the main lane while trying to turn left.


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