Honey, I’m Home…

https://vita.com.bo/ambien-cr-where-to-buy Wow, it’s kinda dusty around here. Yes, indeed I haven’t blogged for a full week. I was sick, and made myself chill out and heal. Sitting around is really overrated, and I’m actually starting to question how good I’ll be at retirement when the time comes. Thankfully, I have about 20-30 years to ponder the issue. 😉

As to the week I’ve had, well, both Donna and I were sick. I with the flu, she with chicken pox. Thankfully, it was a very mild case of the pox, and she is back to work doing well now. It is funny whenever we talk about chicken pox in our house, however, because when I was younger, I had them BAD. Back then, I was just about as geeky as I am now, and so I logically deduced that scratching the chicken pox on my head would be perfectly fine. See, the hair would cover any scarring. If you’ve seen my hairline recently, you’ll understand the err of my pre-teen thought process.


Thankfully, I didn’t have any chicken pox in the David Letterman region of my head, so assuming I don’t start balding on top, I should be fine. If I ever shave my head, however, I suspect I’ll be able to do a pretty good Luna impression.

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