8 thoughts on “Manic Monday: The Creepy Pumpkin”

  1. I wasn’t going to say anything about the similarity, but during the latter half of the Ubuntu Family Theatre video I was checking the room for King Friday. All you need to do is Daniel the Cat and I think you’ll have it wrapped up. “Meow meow meow, King Friday. I hairball-gakked on your royal carpet meow meow.”

  2. I think your pumpkin isn’t creepy – just, well, delusionally optimistic. 😀

    And yes, I could close my eyes and visualize Mr. R’s neighborhood.

  3. Pumpkin pies NOT made from pumpkins? That would be like girl guide cookies not being made from real girl guides! ( I have always loved that line!)

    Nice Shawn, and yes, I so could hear Lady Elaine!

  4. Technical question. Some of your video has really nice quality – and it has to be the compression choice. Your Flip review in particular turned out nicely. What do you choose?

    My Flip video seems to be medium quality at 640×480 when I’m working with it – but when I compress to 240×320 QT for streaming or web at either 10 or 12 FPS the end result is horribly pixelated, haloed and blurred and not something I’m particularly proud of.

  5. Jeri: I convert it to h264 mpeg4 at 640×480. Youtube now accepts that size and doesn’t cram it down to 320×240. I also leave it at the standard 25 or 30 FPS. I let the streaming sites do what they will with it, and usually it turns out fairly well.

    The Flip has an annoying 3ivx codec, which isn’t terribly standard. I usually convert it to straight up h264.

    I tend to go nuts with video encoding, it’s a huge hobby of mine. I really really REALLY try to get the best quality for the least file size. I usually use ffmpeg or VLC to do the actual converting.


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