7 thoughts on “Linux Journal: Live Show from the Road!”

  1. Did you come up with the idea for the show after i told you to do a bit on single use distros?

    Linux in my home… DD-WRT on my router, use to be M0nowall (BSD based), but it used too much power running a computer 24/7 for routing. Linux on my laptop (ubuntu). Use to run XMBC, but no longer have an xbox. Fiance’s laptop is OSX and I use the terminal a lot.

    I use to have lots of linux running in the house, but it was owned by the guy I use to live with, if I didn’t have to pay for power, i would have A LOT more stuff running in my house 🙂

  2. This is going to be kinda weird dude. I’m going to participate in the virtual audience while I’m the same hotel. Maybe I can organize a bunch of people to stand outside your hotel room door and sing the bird.

    By the way It took me a week to get that song out of my head after the family guy episode. Now it’s stuck right back in my head again.

  3. I love “The Bird.”

    Just noticed something: did you scratch off your Apple sticker and replace it with an Ubuntu one? Or is this old news and I’m just now waking up? I had to watch the video twice because it distracted me, the not remembering.

    I’m a little bit pre-coffee yet. Canyatell?


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