And Then the Flight was Cancelled

Apparently the little puddle jumper plane I was supposed to take from Pellston to Detroit needed some repairs. I’m actually happy they chose to repair the plane as opposed to crossing their fingers and going anyway — but it does make for an inconvenient morning.

Plus, now I’m not arriving in Houston until 6PM. That kinda stinks.

5 thoughts on “And Then the Flight was Cancelled”

  1. So sorry… what time were you to arrive in Houston? And do you have to just sit at the airport till… when. Does it mean you miss the fun part of the trip? Is anyone with you at the airport at this hour of the morning. I’m just getting ready for work so you’re up before me. I hope the rest of your day goes better. Hope this means your trip will be safe, Like the BP pills your family wants you to be around for the long haul. Have a great trip. I gotta go to work now. Love MOM

  2. I would say 6pm is the BEST time to arrive in Houston. It’s when everyone gets on the freeway so it must be the most popular time. 😉
    (Ha, you thought your flight was long… just wait until you sit in Houston rush hour traffic.)

  3. I’ve driven through Huston during rush hour traffic once. While massive freeway construction was going on.

    That’s the closest I’ve ever come to contemplating suicide. And I live in freaking Los Angeles.


  4. (true story in my flying days with E&Y)

    “This is the captain speaking. We can’t taxi to the runways because we have a little technical fault with the fuel gauge. We should have enough fuel to make it to Dallas, but it’s better to have the working gauge. We apologize for the inconvenience and delay.”

    ::20 minutes when nobody comes on board or drives up outside the plane::

    “We apologize for the delay. There apparently is a backlog to get the fuel gauge, so we’re going to offload the fuel and refill the tanks so we get an accurate measure of the fuel load.”

    ::30 minutes as some fuel truck drive up, men run around, fuel truck drives away::

    Engines fire up to full and we start taxing out

    “Again we apologize for the delay. The airport didn’t have the proper fueling nozzle to make a sealed connection, but we’re pretty sure we have more than enough fuel to return to Dallas (we’re on the ground in Cleveland, BTW). So sit back and enjoy the flight. Free complimentary beverages will be offered once we’re in the air.”

    Um, wait a figgin’ minute. So not only do we not have a working fuel gage, we just spilled out how much on the ground that we’re running full steam over? WTF?


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