14 thoughts on “Snow! I Haz It!”

  1. https://makeitagarden.com/purchase-ambien-online-canada We had snow last week. It’s all gone now though. Things are looking pretty good for you for today and tonight. 100%! WOOT! How much are you supposed to get? We ended up with an inch or so and then the next morning, traffic was brutal. I don’t get it. It snows here every year. We’re in CANADA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! It’s gonna snow, that’s a given. Yet every year, until about the 4th storm, people freak. And forget how to drive. I’m taking the bus.

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  2. Sometimes I miss snow. I haven’t lived in a place with snow since I was about 8 years old, though there were a couple of freak flurries in Simi Valley back in the ’80s.

    Tania, above 0 is considered warm? Uh, maybe a life without snow isn’t so bad after all…


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