I Have Gas

And really, who wouldn’t at these prices? I do really feel bad for the folks that “stocked up” when gas prices “fell” to below $4.00 a gallon. Who would have guessed prices would fall so much?!?!

I’ve been told by people smarter than me that the low gas prices are a result of the failing economy. Does that mean it’s bad for me to LOVE that I can fill my truck for under $20? I certainly wish all catastrophic events had side effects like these. Can you see it now?

  • Hurricane destroys Gulf state: Homeless shrimp looking for bellies to fill.
  • Fire destroys salmon farm: Smoked salmon sells at a penny a pound.
  • Tsunami floods prairie states: Dead fish fertilizer causes bumper wheat crops — Pizza dirt cheap!

Sadly, you don’t see many great side effects to horrible events. This low gas price one though, I’m currently going to enjoy. šŸ™‚

For the record, the gas pump price pictured above WAS after my 25 cent off coupon was applied. I mean, gas is cheap, but this is still northern Michigan…

7 thoughts on “I Have Gas”

  1. Not so many months ago I had to allot $200.00 of a pay check for gas just to be sure I could get to work to make more! At these prices a few $20.00’s should do it! James and I were talking today about when we went to Colorado this past spring, it cost us $700.00 (round trip) just in gas. We had to be real careful what we spent so we could get back. We could probably do it now for less than half that amount.

  2. I’m worried the price is going to fall too much and cause a price spike. I like the prices right now but I’m sure OPEC does not.

    The poor poor Saudi’s that were making billions last year are only making hundreds of millions this year. Hopefully they don’t cut production to drive the price back up.

  3. I’m with you that I don’t mind the lower prices and being in the ball park of $20 to fill my car. I’m just worried that it could very easily go up again.

  4. It also helps that the dollar has stopped its freefall. And strange how a 5% reduction in usage translated to the pump price.

    Also to keep in mind, the more a barrel of oil drops, the fewer oil reserves are profitable (such as that coastal oil and Canada’s oil sands).

    But yeah, I certainly like how my bank account has been behaving the past month now that it takes less than a $20 to fill half-a-tank.

  5. Gas was around $1.69 last night here in Boston! I had half a tank, so I could only put 8.5 gallons in, but it was only $14.00! Filling the tank for less than $20.00, WOW!


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