6 thoughts on “Hey, It’s Like Typing Without the Letters…”

  1. You live in Michigan. It’s winter. You don’t have winter gear in your car? ::dope slap::

    I’m glad you’re ok and don’t have frostbite. Silly you.

  2. Ah… I was thinking your car had died and you had to walk. If you were simply unprepared…

    That’s a little more acceptable.

    How’d your Chuck’s fare? They hold up ok with the wet and salt and cold?

  3. Miles are longer in the winter, at least they take longer to walk. And days are shorter in the winter. And while I’m at it snow is deeper in the winter.
    I believe I let Donna use my phone to call you and you were on this very walk, I hope you made it home before she did, cause she was a good half hour from home. Did you make a tent around the heat register with a blanket to drink your tea in…I remember how you really don’t like to be cold.


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