Our Annual Perigee Celebration

Well, it’s a song cool enough to repeat as often as it happens. Tonight, the full moon is the perigee moon, which means it is closer to Earth than any other time of year. It’s also in a particular part of the lunar cycle to make it closer than normal even for perigee. So it’s like really close and stuff. Don’t worry, the human eye can barely tell the difference. 🙂

In honor of the awesome “almost touch it if you stretch” moon, I give you the Sponge Monkeys, and their rendition of “We Like the Moon”. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Our Annual Perigee Celebration”

  1. If you haven’t lived untill you experience that, then I hope twice was enough (I only listened twice cause I couldn’t believe it the first time). No offence to anyone but…

    On the other hand Perigee was new to me…I always say if your not careful you’ll learn something new everyday… and there I was..careless.


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