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Gifts for Weird People

The weird people being me of course. It turns out, I’m rather difficult to buy for. My hobbies are rather limited, and if I want something throughout the year, I generally just buy it. (No, not like, “Hey, I’d like a Mustang”) This year, however, there were a few different things I wanted, so I wasn’t sure what I’d get. That’s pretty cool. 🙂

Here’s what my awesome family got me:

Sony PRS-505 and Godzilla slippers…

What did you get for the Holidays? Anything cool? (I realize it’s well after the fact, but we’ve all been busy, no?)

7 thoughts on “Gifts for Weird People”

  1. We didn’t do a formal gift exchange thing this year (and in fact, we pretty much stopped doing them a long time ago). I got my brother a deck of art cards that was made by 54 artists from an ebay art community, where each artist got assigned a number and a suit and were supposed to draw something on that theme. He thought it was pretty cool. 😉

    My mother has taken up knitting/crocheting, so I ended up with several pairs of socks and a vest. Also she made me take back a freezerful of homemade dumplings and beef broth. They weren’t Christmas gifts per se, as she’d force me to take all that if I were to show up during a summer visit too.

    I think that’s all we did in the item giving dept. I bought them dinner at a nice restaurant one evening, and my mother cooked the rest of the time. They got me addicted to a PC-only computer game, and now I’m contemplating getting a cheap laptop specifically to play the one game. o.O

  2. What game? I was thinking you might be able to use Crossover Games to play it — but if memory serves, you don’t have an Intel based Mac.

    If it’s not graphically intense, there’s always VirtualPC too, it works on a PowerPC processor. It’s kinda pricey, but if you buy it used it might be OK.

    Oh and dumplings? MMmmmmmm. 🙂

  3. Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom – which came out back in 2002 and has very modest (now, anyhow) system requirements of Pentium 2.

    Another friend recommended I try virtualbox, which is opensource and therefore free. But I’d still need to get hold of a copy of Windows – and on eBay for the price of XP I could get a whole computer. o.O I’m watching some auctions of win2k to see if that’s any better (probably not by much). Then there’s always VMWare Fusion or Parallels ($80 each on Amazon). Or Boot Camp for that matter if I’m desperate (not really).


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