Soft Cookies

This is the yummiest, spiciest, tastiest ginger snap cookie you'll ever see, much less eat.  It is currently residing in my small intestine.Apparently I’m on a “which do you like better” kick. I am a BIG fan of soft cookies. In fact, I mean BIG in a literal sense because eating cookies has that effect on me. I never knew anyone that preferred hard cookies until the other day I was approached with the idea that soft cookies don’t maintain their structural integrity while being dunked.

You know, that’s actually a good point.

Buy Ambien Online Overnight Cod I always considered cookie-dunking a workaround designed to facilitate the consumption of hard cookies. I never really thought of it as a preferred method. Don’t get me wrong, I like to dunk cookies, but I always do it because they’re hard in order to soften them up. Have I been to quick to judge the crumbly ones? Are the crumbs all over the table worth it for the joy of drowning them in a beverage of choice? Does anyone actually prefer hard cookies?!!?

9 thoughts on “Soft Cookies”

  1. I like crunchy things, so the hard, crunchy cookies are my preference. I don’t dunk often, but only because I don’t like crumbs in my drinks, though the flavor of a crunchy cookie dunked in coffee is very yummy. Soft cookies are okay if I’m having a cookie craving and nothing else is available. But they will never be my first choice. Reply
  2. Thanks for talking about cookies, Shawn. Maybe you could talk about a juicy steak next or chocolate cake or something? Signed,
    Don’t-Mess-With-I’m-On-A-Diet-Carlie who had THIS for lunch


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