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Turns out, I need a vacation. No, really. I did a lot of amazing things this past summer, but none of them were really vacation. Yes, we just had Christmas break, but anyone that’s ever celebrated holidays knows it’s the furthest thing from a vacation. So, I’m looking to plan a small weekend getaway. This time, the vacation will be technology free. That’s huge for me, but I think I’m looking forward to it.

I’m trying to find a cabin somewhere within a few hundred miles that comes stocked with a fireplace, lots of wood, comfy furnishings, and no Internet access. Oh, and it would help if it were cheap too. 🙂

Anyone knowing of a cabin like that anywhere in Michigan or the states that touch it — I’d love to hear about it. Either way, wish me luck. Homey needs a few days off the grid.

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  1. Off the grid for a few days sounds wicked smart (I’m trying out a Boston accent today). I wish I knew anything about Michigan and could help point you in the right direction. I only know that the P0wers’ live somewhere by my middle finger.

  2. I don’t know how far from you it is, or what it’s even like these days, but when I was a kid we’d travel up from Illinois to stay along the lakes in Wisconsin near Wisconsin Dells. The lakes are really wonderful and there used to be a lot of nice cabins there, from rustic and romantic to family-friendly. I imagine deals can be had this year since travel and tourism is taking a huge hit. The Dells were fun, a bit cheesy, but really a good goofy time for us all. I seem to recall there was a Silver Dollar City amusement park, and we always loved the “old fashioned” theme of the place.

    Good luck, and happy vacationing. You’ve worked hard this year and I think you and your family deserve the break.

  3. A break off the grid sounds really lovely – I hope you can find something and put it together! I wish my family would go for something like that, I’d love it, but the boys (all three) are easily bored and paperbacks, naps, hiking & fishing are not their cup of tea.

    When I was researching my book I came across a fairly cool ecumenical retreat center in the mountains near here – fairly remote and entirely offline, reachable only by ferry. There are lots of artsy activities plus general meditative retreat, and it’s quite cheap – I think I’m going to go there with my mom. My dad actually lived in that area when he was a kid.

    (This is not a recommendation for you – I’m a couple thousand miles away – just my own plan.)

  4. The only place I know of is my wife’s family’s place in Richland Center, WI, about nine hours from you.

    Then again, I remember going to Minocqua, WI when I was a kid and there were cabins and lakes and all that. I couldn’t tell you about the pricing, but it’s only about 6.5 hours from you.

    What time of year are you looking to go?

  5. Or you could check out Eagle River, WI it’s closer still and they have a bar there from which I got my favorite hat ever. It’s the only ballcap style hat that has ever fit well. My wife hates it cause it’s getting to be kind of ratty. Anywho, if you go to Eagle River, stop by the Sportsman’s Chalet and get a hat.

  6. Wisconsin: Door County has all that and more, closer than the Dells and Richland Center or Minocqua to you in MI. You do have to travel, though, can’t get away from that. We live here and it’s a great place to visit any time of the year.


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