I Didn’t Buckle

This is like a nicotine patch for Coke drinkers, but without the nicotine. So, I guess that means it’s like a pointless sticker that resembles a nicotine patch.

I think the gold label is an attempt to make Diet Caffeine Free Coke resemble something valuable.  Fail.

At the very least the Coke company could make caffeine free Coke Zero — which would probably taste fairly good. Sadly, I’m not the guy they turn to for suggestions like that.

6 thoughts on “I Didn’t Buckle”

  1. Why, Coke without caffeine is like a duck with a hand grenade. No one knows how it happened, and they’ll be damned if they know what to do with it.

    Good for you for trying to kick the caffeine monkey. The last time I had to (not by choice) it totally sucked, and it was only for a couple days.

  2. Ah, the brown fizzy water. My mother drank that all the time!

    Personally I prefer it to be leaded. All the sugar and all the caffeine, but I am a sissy.

  3. Well, caffeine-free regular Coke tastes just fine (at least to my taste buds). Maybe if you kick your exercise program up a notch, you could justify the extra sugar?

    You do have an exercise program, right? Right? 😀


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