Help Me Hack a Wii!!!

Yesterday on Twitter, I commented that I would be asking everyone for a HUGE favor today. Well, it’s today. 🙂

Over at Natuba (the folks that put me in their ad), they are having a “funniest photo” contest in which the winner will win a Nintendo Wii. I have mentioned it before, but today is the last day for entries and public judging.

That’s where you come in. If you would sign up for a Natuba account (if you’re not already a member), and go to my photos and give them “Thumbs Up” ratings, it will get me into the running for winning the Wii. If you are willing to do so, and possibly rope your friends into doing so too, if I win I’ll hack the Wii, and document it with photos and instructions.

I realize it’s sort of a pain in the hiney, but I think I have a real shot at winning — I just need your help to get into the judge’s table. 🙂

Again, my entries in the contest are HERE, and all the other entries are HERE. If you think I’m worthy, please vote mine up! (Note, some of them aren’t funny unless you click through and read the captions… just sayin.)

Thanks a ton, I really appreciate it.

9 thoughts on “Help Me Hack a Wii!!!”

  1. Even though you won’t give me your personal medallion, I’ll still help you do this 🙂 but I’ve emailed you @ linux journal. I’ve been clicking on the heart icon, which adds to my folder. I just did that for Donna going to work in the clown costume. If I did it correctly.

  2. well I was finally successful…I think. and in the process I found out/figured out I didn’t do something right joining natuba and I couldn’t get to the place where you vote till I went back and did it right Whew! and of course the computer was so slow and or wouldn’t do it, I had to reboot (I think that’s what I did) and wait for it to figure out what it was doing anyway I hope you get your wii


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