Fellow Space Nuts: Don’t Forget the Leonids!

The photographer claims this is a Leonid meteor, but reall I think it's a space ship.  Or maybe a laser FROM a spaceship.  That's the REAL reason I watch at night.  Be sure to wear a tinfoil hat.For those of you with a fascination for space, fire, and sitting in the dark — tonight was made just for you. Tonight is when the Leonid meteor shower peaks, and the conditions should be pretty good. While the show in Asia is supposed to be the best, here in North America it will still be worth going outside to watch.

If you’re in the US, the East Coast will have a slightly better view, because the best show will be around 4AM Tuesday morning, which will still be very dark. On the West Coast, you’ll want to stick it out until daybreak if you can, because before that there will be many over the horizon you’ll miss.

For more information, check out this site. And don’t forget: HAVE FUN!!!

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