2010. Wow. Just Wow.

You ever go outside in the rain, and as much as you try to stay dry, you just end up wet? About the point where your underwear band starts to get damp, you stop caring about getting wet, and just embrace the rain. Well, the horror and destruction that has been my 2010 isn’t really something I want to embrace.

But I’m to the point I can laugh.

So I call that a win. Let’s recap, just for fun. I’m not whining, rather I’m just listing in awe the first few months of this beast:

  • I developed some serious migraine issues. Hospital. Butt shots. Yeah, still sorta have that, and it sucks.
  • My house burned down.
  • My house burned down. (Yeah I already listed it, but c’mon — my HOUSE BURNED DOWN)
  • Our pets all passed away in the fire.
  • I inhaled the smoke, and ended up with pneumonia.
  • The doctor and I failed to make contact regarding test results, so I never got antibiotics. I developed super pneumonia. Trust me, that’s not a super power.
  • Mid-super-pneumonia, I got the flu. I called it flumonia, which didn’t really make it better, but at least it was a funny word.
  • I really thought I was going to die with flumonia.
  • On a return trip from LA, my flight (the one following a red-eye) was canceled. I slept on the floor next to an old bag of Cheetos.
  • The computer we’ve been taking home inventory on decided the hard drive should quit working. It didn’t consult me first.
  • This past weekend, I ate sushi. I bought the sushi from a grocery store. I may not have looked at the date it was made on. I sorta got food poisoning.
  • And, right now, I’m beginning to get a headache.

2010: BITE ME. šŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “2010. Wow. Just Wow.”

  1. I can’t believe you’re talking like this. You got to see Jonathan Coultan live in concert! 99% of people on the planet will never even have a chance to do what you did. I think the real elephant under the carpet here is that you had to leave early. I feel for you man. They would have had to drag me out.

    Just try to keep it all in perspective.

  2. I’m not sure; you live in Ohio, right? Isn’t Ohio in Tornadoe Alley? ‘Cause spring 2010 is looking to be a doozie what with all the snow and the jet stream being strongly influenced by a definite el Nino year this year. They sell these cool little clock-radio severe-weather- alert gadgets. Maybe you should INVEST in one. And a cool Camcorder, of course!

    Anyway, remember: it could be worse. You could be African. You could be an East-African woman.

  3. Nah, I’m not complaining, really. In spite of 2010’s attempts at crushing my spirits, I’m still doing well. šŸ™‚

    And no, I’m not from Ohio, but rather northern Michigan. The worst thing we have weather-wise is icy roads. Sometimes in July, hehehehe.

  4. I agree-wow!! When it rains, it pours. I’m thinking from here things will start looking up šŸ™‚ You and your family are in my prayers! I’m hoping the migraines will go away when all the extra stress does, and maybe the warmer weather will help too.


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