Four Tens

Because 3 day weekends are amazing. And no one does anything really productive on Friday anyway. So c’mon world, why not adopt a 4 day work week?

Also, I think the extra day should be Friday. Face it, the first day back from the weekend (regardless of duration) will stink. Monday already has that stink about it, so let’s leave it alone. Think of all the good we’ll do…

  • If everyone stayed home from work on Friday, that would be a 20% reduction in carbon emissions for the workday commute. TWENTY PERCENT. Looking at it that way, it almost seems sinful to go to work 5 days a week.
  • With every weekend being a 3 day weekend, the regional tourist industry would be booming! Think about it, everyone could take a mini-vacation (walking of course, so as not to nullify bullet point the first), and we’d create jobs for workers in the tourist industry! (I’m looking at you, northern Michigan…)
  • Saturday would no longer be the only perfect day. See, now, Saturday is the only day you can both sleep in AND stay up late. With my Four Tens plan, Friday and Saturday could be perfect weekend days!
  • It’s the next logical progression to my ultimate plan… Three Twelves. 🙂

So, my fellow Earth dwellers — let’s take a stand. I say, save the planet! Four Tens for Two Thousand Twelve! (That will be my presidential slogan. Vote for Shawn!)

10 thoughts on “Four Tens”

  1. You’ve got my vote. And while you’re at it, could you please eliminate this ridiculous “daylight savings time” that screws up everybody’s sleep schedule twice per year?

  2. I work four ten hour nights and love it. I’d rather work four ten hour days, but oh well. But yes, four day work weeks are MUCH better. And let’s face it, 2 extra hours a day to get a WHOLE extra day off for the weekend rocks.

  3. As a FireFighter who works 24hours and then has off 48hours I already get a 2 day weekend for every one day of work (And some guys I work with don’t think that’s enough), I have no benefits from a 4 day work week.

    BUT, I would still vote for you because your the best person I’ve seen apply for the job in a while. Even though you seem to be bad luck with car accidents and fires (It’s people like you that keep me employed, thanks) and would most likely get assassinated.

    @Wolfger: I say, lets not get rid of daylight savings time, but just do it once a year. Lets say the fall. That way, every year we get an extra hour of sleep.

  4. Sadly, monday’s are the like the front row at church, you can move them back but no will ever want to be there.

  5. @Metalx1000: Two problems with that…
    1) eventually we’ll all be working the night shift and sleeping through the day.
    2) with 3 day weekends every week, we should be able to catch up on lost sleep.

  6. It would be a lot easier to let the Post Office skip Saturday deliveries if Friday could be a day off, too. That said, there is the question of what to do with all the employees of the places we would want to go to on Fridays. (grin)

    Dr. Phil

  7. A few years back I worked for a company that had half the guys work 10 hour days Monday through Thursday and the other half work Tuesday through Friday. That way the business was still open Monday through Friday and for more hours, but everyone got a 3 day weekend.


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