A Question About T-Shirts

Ok, maybe a couple questions about ’em…

1) Do you have “dress” t-shirts?

By that I mean t-shirts you treat as more formal attire than you do the mountains of t-shirts we have for sleeping, painting, dog washing, etc. Personally I do. I have lots of t-shirts in a drawer, but I also have my “dress” t-shirts that get hung on hangers. For example, my vintage Green Lantern shirt gets a hanger, while the t-shirt from the local physical therapy place (which they handed out during a parade) gets folded and shoved in a drawer. That brings me to my next question:

2) Do you hang or fold t-shirts? Or both? Or neither?

3) Are you OK with a cotton/poly blend t-shirt, or are you only truly happy with 100% cotton?

For me, I’m only truly happy with 100% cotton — but if the shirt is awesome enough, I’ll wear a poly/cotton blend. I might put a cotton shirt under it though.

And lastly:

4) If you could wear a t-shirt to work every day, would you?

I totally would. I already wear my Converse All-Stars 7 days a week, if I could add blue jeans and t-shirts to the “every day” mix — I would do it in a heartbeat.

So that’s my question for your Saturday evening. Feel free to include a story about your favorite t-shirt. I haven’t had any long enough (post fire) to have a favorite, but I’m rather fond of my superhero shirts. Which reminds me… I still have to get one of those root superhero shirts. 🙂

15 thoughts on “A Question About T-Shirts”

  1. 1) Sort of. Well, I mean I have “ratty” and “not-ratty,” I guess.

    2) Hanging? Folding? What is this strange and exotic language you speak?

    3) I tend not to notice too much. I guess I like cotton, but does the poly shirt have a cool logo on it or did I get it from supporting something I like, like a radio station or something?

    4) Hellyeah. Sadly, I have a job requiring the monkeysuit every day. Sad Eric is sad to have to wear the sad monkeysuit.

  2. 1.) Yes. I have T-Shirts which are much nicer than others. It’s generally categorized by age. The older something is, the less likely I am to wear it as a non-undershirt/sleepshirt/dirtywork shirt.

    2.) I hang the the ones I wear most often, the rest (about 40%) get folded and stuffed away.

    3.) No preference. I like American Apparel shirts as well as Hanes tagless.

    4.) I do wear T-Shirts to work most days. I often have a sweatshirt or sweater on over it in the winter. I split about 50/50 in the summer with polos and T-Shirts, primarily depending on what I’m doing after work.

  3. My issues with poly blends are that:

    1) They don’t stretch quite right. They pull funny in the pits, and don’t ever really get the “worn in” feel.

    2) They make me sweat, and stink. OK, perhaps being an overweight slob that is also horribly out of shape makes me sweat and stink — but the poly/cotton blend doesn’t help hide such things…

  4. Interesting, I just got 2 new T-shirts today (one says “That’s What She Said” and the other says “You’re Just Jealous That The Voices Talk To Me”

    I definitely have “ratty” clothes and nicer clothes – having said that, I don’t have too many t-shirts and the ones I do have are generally in the “ratty” category.

    All clothes – except for socks and underthings get hung up in the closet. I hate digging through dresser drawers. Okay, and while I go on my own rant here, I absolutely hate women’s socks. They are too think and they are never 100% cotton. Hubby and I wear the nearly same size shoes so we buy men’s socks and share. When they start looking worn out, we throw them away and buy a few packs more so we don’t have to match up socks or anything. We are uber lazy and I get to wear nice thick socks and not those silly women’s socks.

    Shirts in general should ONLY be 100% cotton. Heck, all clothes for that matter. I don’t like synthetics and wool is itchy.

    I work at home. I wear whatever I want. Usually it’s comfortable casual clothes. Yes, I always get dressed – including shoes. It puts you more in the frame of mind to work. 🙂

  5. 1. Yeah, and the division is pretty much straight down the male/female shirt line. A black men’s t-shirt for a punk band or a conference? That gets saved for when I need to do laundry. A colourful women’s t-shirt? That I’ll wear on a regular basis.

    2. Fold

    3. I prefer natural fibres

    4. I have tended to, but I’ve started dressing more femininely since I no longer feel like I have to dress down or dress like a guy to be taken seriously as a geek.

    PS: My New Years Resolution this year is to not buy any geeky t-shirts unless they’re available in women’s sizes (and then bitch mightily to the shirt salespeople if they’re not).

  6. I’ve never heard of hanging up t-shirts. Do you iron your underwear?

    Ergo … folded in a drawer.

    Prefer natural fibers, but I’m not obsessive about it. I won’t wear anything with weird fitting sleeves or with an applique(sp?) that rubs against me. You want me to wear your logo? Learn how to silk-screen.

    I can wear pretty much anything I want every day. I tend to wear a polo shirt (with a collar) if I have to be respectable, but the coat and tie is pulled out only a few times a year.

  7. 1) Yes. (But I call them “good” t-shirts.) Most of the shirts from my favorite brands (Macbeth, Zoo York, Hurley, DC, Vans, etc.) cost me too much to let them get ruined. (Sleeping in particular does a number on the necks, so old ones get relegated to that.)

    2) Fold. I have a bookshelf that t-shirts, jeans, etc. go on, and the good shirts go on the top shelf, where the cat won’t nap on them. I’m apparently weird about folding them, though – I fold them over at the middle, like you would if you were putting them on a clothes line.

    3) Never really paid much attention to it – I don’t know that I have any non-100% ones. O_o

    4. I do. 😉

  8. Although I’ve bene working for attorneys for several years now, it’s been in small office casual enviroments and dressy clothes are only required when we have official duties like depositions, focus/mock trial groups and of course Court appearences. With that said…

    1-Plain tees & golf shirts I can wear under a jacket or sweater are a must. Yes I have dressy (newer) tees, ones for cleaning & ones I sleep in. Winter brings an equal stash of turtlenecks and long sleeve tees. Work tees are almost all solids, but als have some leftovers from my geek days going to tech shows (hp systems one on at the moment), my ten years working a concert venue and my fraternity/charity events. Some of my favorites I can read through. I’ve got two teeshirt quilts planned to salvage well loved favorites.

    2-Hang the good ones, fold the rest. Providing I get around to putting away the pile on the chair in my bedroom.

    3-All cotton for me. Even in the girly styles. Polyester & spandex make me sweat. Usually buy mens tees & polos, ladies sizes are not cut full enough across the shoulders to be comfortable for me.

    4-Presently I do usually wear a tee or polo at the office. Matter of fact I have two new polos I just got that will get washed today and worn before the week is out since the weather is warming up.

  9. 1) Newer t-shirts are my “dress” t-shirts. As a t-shirt ages and begins to fall apart, the more likely it is to be used when doing some sort of physical labor (cleaning, painting, etc..)
    2. Fold only. I find putting t-shirts on hangers tends to cause the necks to stretch out.
    3. I prefer 100% cotton, but can wear anything; I think. Which is to say, I’ve not paid any particular attention to what material my t-shirts are made of. On the other hand, I have several Hawaiian style shirts (though not in loud/bright colors) that I wear in the summer. For those, I actually prefer rayon to silk (rayon breathes a bit better and is much, much, MUCH easier to clean without ruining it).
    4. My office has a casual dress code. 9 times out of 10, I end up wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Though in colder months, I may have a heavier/long-sleeve shirt thrown on top.

  10. 1) Yes. They are “nicer” and are usually worn under sweaters to work.

    2) Hang t-shirts? People actually hang t-shirts? How … odd.

    3) I like 100% cotton, but I have a few blended ones.

    4) I wear nice t-shirts under sweaters during the winter and on their own in the summer.

    My favorite t-shirt says “New Jersey — Only the strong survive”. 🙂

  11. I know that old post is old, but I had visited you shortly after the fire, and added you to the Liferea feed reader but I didn’t like it, and I had the “Brief” Fx extension on my desktop but not on my laptop which I now use for about 98% of my computer time… so I have essentially not been keeping up with anything for a couple mos now, and just yesterday went through and added tons of things to the Brief extension thing and am now going to keep up with it! haha. So…

    1- I have nicer tees, favorite tees, and the tees I wear mostly just to hang around the house and whatnot.

    2- I used to hang most of them, and hanger shortages resulted in the “crappier” ones being folded. But here, I don’t have nearly enough space, or hangers, so almost all of them are folded.

    3- I’m not very picky. As long as it feels nice enough (I’m very texture-based, I touch everything in stores! haha) then I don’t care what it is. My husband is one of those “anything other than cotton is EVIL!!!” folks and almost all of his shirts are exclusively from Esprit for that reason (he’s not a label/fashion nut or anything, it’s only the quality that’s an issue; he doesn’t buy any of their overpriced junk, just the sale tees).

    4- Most definitely! And I generally do. Right now I’m not working, and before now I was a nanny, and before that a daycare teacher (we had specific things to wear about 1.5 yrs into my 3 yrs there but it was still [super ugly] tshirts), and before that I was a nanny. lol. =P

    I don’t have a single fav, I love my geek shirts a super lot though – my 2 xkcd shirts (“sudo make me a sandwich,” and “science, it works bitches!” lol), and the shirts I’ve gotten from shirtwoot (I have like 6 and then forced myself to stop checking or I’d go broke needing to buy all the awesomeness, lmao)…


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