Let’s Just Pretend

https://arkipel.org/buy-ambien-american-express It’s Monday. If it’s not Monday when you read this, chances are it’s one of Monday’s six miserable siblings. Like my pasta-addicted buddy Garfield, I hate Monday. So here’s my tip to make Monday, or any other day, full of awesome. (Or at least less full of suck…)


https://creightondev.com/2024/06/24/get-ambien-online Pretend.


https://exitoffroad.com/can-you-buy-ambien-in-mexico Yep, that’s right, just pretend. Pretend you’re having a great day. Pretend it’s fun. Pretend Monday’s insidious thorns are cute, but nothing to ruin a day. Smile at everyone. Be silly. Walk with a limp for no reason. Talk like a pirate. Tape M&M’s to your face. Whatever you do, pretend you’re having fun. Because here’s the secret: You will.


Ambien Generic Online And remember, tomorrow is Tuesday. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Let’s Just Pretend”

  1. https://starbrighttraininginstitute.com/ambien-cr-online-india Oh sure, hurt Monday’s feelings yet again. Can you imagine growing up and discovering that you’re going to be a Monday? All the pressure of starting the work week and NONE of the love. I mean, Saturday’s got it made and Sunday’s got big color comic strips. But Monday? What does Monday get? The same old, same old. Hell, they don’t even release new DVDs until Tuesday.


    https://www.ag23.net/buy-zolpidem-tartrate-10-mg So thanks for jumping on the bandwagon and making Monday feel bad. I bet it was fun for you. Yeah, that was the point of your post, but Monday still feels pretty bad about it.


    https://vita.com.bo/online-ambien Dr. Phil

    https://www.club-italia.com/2024/06/ambien-prescriptions-online Reply
  2. https://www.club-italia.com/2024/06/ambien-prices-online Hear! Hear! Same goes for anything you don’t especially want to be doing. I was mowing the back 40 this weekend and was mumbling to myself how much I loathe yard work and feeling pretty crappy about the whole deal. It wasn’t long before I was feeling run-down, tired and ready to quit.

    Order Zolpidem Uk I realize some people will think this is silly, but, I began thinking about how blessed I am to even HAVE a yard TO mow! I started to mentally check off all the things I was grateful for such as…

    – the fact I am able-bodied enough to do such a chore,
    – the trees I had to mow around because that meant there are birds hanging around to entertain me with their singing,
    – the decent weather; sometimes cloudy is a good thing!
    -and, yes, even the fact that I had to scoop dog poop
    because if it wasn’t there I wouldn’t have four bundles of
    fur that give my family and me so much unconditional love!

    It was inevitable that, once I began thanking God for one thing it would lead to another and another… surviving a horrific accident with my daughters a few months ago, for my family, having friends in my life who care, the list just went on and on. Griping about mowing only made the chore more miserable, but changing my thought pattern to think about my family and all that I have made it almost (I say almost!) enjoyable.

    Thank you for helping me start my Monday on a more positive note, Shawn, I enjoyed the pep talk. May you have a headache-free week!


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