Imagine If Apple Used Their Powers For Good

I like Apple products. No, really. Yes I’m fanatical about Linux and open ideals, but Apple makes really nice hardware and software that “just works” well. Their products are expensive, but if the elegance is something you like, you’re willing to pay for that premium.

And it’s a free market. So that’s OK.

The thing that fascinates me is just how much obsession and fanaticism Apple gets from their fans. It’s creepy. One look at the coverage of the iPhone 4 release day will show you just how loyal/crazy/creepy people are about Apple products. I don’t get it, and for that I’m rather thankful.

Ick factor aside, however, imagine if Apple wielded its forces for something that would benefit humanity. Imagine if all opening day iPhone purchasers had to donate $20 to fight cancer. (C’mon, they have disposable income to work with…) Or better yet, what if Apple donated $20 for every iPhone they sold on opening day. We KNOW they have some excess profits that day.

Whether you love Apple or hate them, you have to admit they do something right when it comes to keeping loyal fans. Until they go bonkers that is…

6 thoughts on “Imagine If Apple Used Their Powers For Good”

  1. The fanboism may be the single most-off-putting thing about the Macverse. I can appreciate what Apple brings to the table: OSX is a good OS and Apple hardware isn’t just pretty, it’s fairly solid stuff (it’s been pointed out that the “Mac premium” is sort of illusory–that while you can get a PC for less, if you got a PC with similar components you’d end up paying a Mac price after all).

    But suggest that the iPad is nifty but not really All That and watch the long knives come out. Point out that your BlackBerry or Droid can be used with a more reliable service provider than AT&T and has real multitasking and Macolytes stare at you like you just throttled a kitten in their presence. And Heaven help you if you write a filler article announcing you’ve decided to switch from Apple to Linux for various reasons (I’ve seen less anti-penguin FUD in a Steve Ballmer press conference than there is in the comments thread to that article).

    It’s enough to put me off Apple almost altogether. I mean, I’m listening to my iPod right now–and damned if it isn’t the best music player out there, a great tool for its job. But my UNE netbook is the best tool for its job and my BB Tour the best tool for what I need it to do–do I really need to join a cult, seriously? Because if I do, it really skeeves me out, honestly; I’d rather not give up on the good Apple tools I need (the iPad, my AirPort Express at home) just because I feel creepy about a lot of the people who buy Apple stuff, y’know?

  2. Eric said EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking. It’s disgusting. I use my iPod, it’s great, I have a super tiny shuffle one that’s perfect to clip to my shirt while walking and listening to audio books. I have a Kindle because it works best for me for reading books. I have a Palm Pre because it works best for me for my mobile needs. I have Ubuntu on my netbook because it works best for my netbooking needs. I’m SO sick of hearing about how Apple’s stuff is all superior. And the more I hear/read Steve Jobs the more jaded I get about Apple anyway. The man is total ass.

  3. Basically, they are good products, but people line up to get doused with someone else’s view of how something should work, not what might be the best.

    In the case of holding it wrong when getting bad reception, that’s just plain wrong.

    However, we live in a free country, where we may be lemmings if we want to be.


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