My Unfortunate Doctor Visit

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, Facebook, or suchthelike, you most likely know that I’m absurdly sick. Today is the 13th day I’ve been bedridden, and it’s getting frustrating.

I started with what I think was Influenza (I say that instead of “Flu”, because the stomach flu is what most people call the “Flu”, and it’s really not the flu at all. The actual flu sucks.) About a week into my misery, I apparently contracted Walking Pneumonia. I went to the doctor, he gave me drugs, tested me, etc, and send me home.

Thankfully, on Monday, my fever broke. I figured that meant I was getting better, and while I still stayed in bed, I’ve been very optimistic. Since I still have a bad cough, aches, night sweats, (and a few other issues you don’t want to know about), I did go for a follow up exam today. I expected a pat on the back and assurance all was going well.

Yeah, not so much.

The doctor was under the impression I should be better. Not relatively speaking, but completely. Like, I should be all better. So, now I’m on an even stronger medicine, and on bed rest until next week when I see the doctor. Again. Since I’ve been really good about resting and drinking fluids at home (thank you for your support, family), I don’t have to go into the hospital or anything. So far.

So the lesson for the day? Apparently you can still be pretty sick even if you don’t have a fever. Go figure. And with that, it’s back into pajamas for me. 🙁

9 thoughts on “My Unfortunate Doctor Visit”

  1. To be honest, I was expecting (from the title) that you had had a really unfortunate visit — like one that involved a lung biopsy or a colon cleanse. Much as the news wasn’t as good as hoped for, it does sound like you’re on the mend (albeit slowly).

    If you don’t get all the way better soon, I’m going to have to come out there and give those bacteria and viruses a what-for. And those bugs definitely don’t want a slightly unhinged and pissed off neurologist coming after them…

  2. So does he think you are on the mend? What antibiotic did he give you? The nurse in me must know, the MOM wants to know, lol. Perhaps you need chicken soup!
    Love ya. MOM

  3. Well I kinda’ know how you feels. I have been confined to my room for 7 days now, and still 6 more to go. Because I got the AH1N1 flu stuff. I am feeling better, but 6 more days?!
    Anyway hope you get better soon!
    BTW I’m taking Lavaquin too!

  4. Oh Shawn. I do hope you are feeling better. We went through that here last February with 2 in the house on drugs for most of the month. Listen to your doc and drink lots, sleep more and you will back up in no time.

  5. Am I going to have to come out there and shake my finger at your lungs while glaring at them in a stern fashion? ‘Cause I’ll do it.

    (Hoping the Levaquin, rest and liquids do their job tout suite.)


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