A Particularly Poopy Puppy

This was Phoebe when we adopted her 10 months ago:

For putting this bow in my hair, I will poop and pee in your house forever. Mwa Ha Ha.

Unfortunately, after 10 months of effort, she hasn’t gotten any better at housebreaking. In fact, we’ve remodeled our kitchen to keep the dogs away from the carpet, because regardless of our efforts, Phoebe poops and pees everywhere.

If you’re thinking we’re just silly, naive humans — please understand Donna and me have had dogs our whole lives. We have housebroken countless dogs, some more difficult than others, and always been able to teach them. Even Tux, our silky terrier eventually housebroke, and showed some progress from the first time we started to teach him.

Not so much with Phoebe.

I could explain in length how we’ve tried to help her thus far, but it’s the sort of things you’d expect. Crate training, puppy pads, diapers, constantly going outside, etc, etc, etc. NOTHING makes a difference. She messes in crates, rolls in it, and will often wait until she comes inside to poop. It’s quite frustrating. So instead of giving up, we contacted a specialist.

For 2 weeks, we are going to keep Phoebe on a leash 24 hours a day, and when we’re home, she will be walked indoors and out on a leash. This way, we catch her if (when, sigh) she goes in the house. It also means we notice when she goes outside, and we can give her VERY tasty treats. This ain’t no Milkbone thing, we’re talking prime cuts of hotdog. (Hey, she’s a dog, hot dogs are primo!)

Phoebe also needs to have a full panel of blood tests to check for sicknesses, and she’s going to start on Prozac. (seriously!) The hope is that her nervousness and anxiety will lessen, and she’ll be able to think long enough to understand the rewards for “going” outside.

Wish us luck, please. Ever since we’ve been in the new house, the dogs have been stuck in the kitchen behind the gate I built:

No, I'm not a craftsman, I'm just too cheap to buy commercial gates this big.

We’d like to let them join the family!

3 thoughts on “A Particularly Poopy Puppy”

  1. I’ve had dogs my whole life also, but they are bigger than little Phoebe, a golden retriever and a weimaraner,red setter cross, I got mine as puppies and was lucky to not have any training problems with them. Both are really good family pets and very active dogs. Hope you get the housebreaking sorted.

  2. Phoebe is so lucky because she’s in the good hands.. And she is cared so much to her new family… I like the face of Phoebe,she is so cute..Good luck guys.. Hope to see more photos of Phoebe.. 🙂


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