Because Giving Up Is For Chumps

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You wish you were this awesome.
2% Success, 110% Awesome
This is my daughter Lydia. Lydia is in 7th grade, and has a very slight frame. I’d say she’s scrawny, but since she’s 10 times tougher than I am, that seems like a silly thing to say.

Since my wife Donna is a high school volleyball coach, Lydia gets to (or has to) sit through the older girl’s practice every day after school. Lydia has an incredible desire to play volleyball, but her very small frame works against her. In this photo you see her serving. Every day at practice she takes an empty net, and serves at least 50 balls. At the beginning of the season, the balls rarely made it to the net, much less make it over. It’s been a couple months, and due to her persistence, she now usually gets one or maybe two balls over the net every day.

Purchase Ambien For you math nuts, that means she only has a 2% success rate, or a 98% failure rate. For you coaches, athletes, parents, teachers, students and adults — it means she’s a girl that refuses to give up. Refuses.

Buy Ambien Online With Prescription Lydia, you inspire me. If Mom’s volleyball team was half as determined as you are, they’d be unbeatable. If I had a quarter of your motivation, I’d be running marathons by now. And if our political leaders had a tenth of your passion, our country would look a heck of a lot different. Lydia, you inspire me. Thank you for being so awesome.

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  1. Ya know… one thing that I’ve learned over the past year (and it took me this long, so your Lydia is WAY ahead of me)… who cares if you don’t succeed… the journey is the real success. Good for her. I’m proud of her.


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