Leadership is…

Leaders succeed vicariously.

Leaders have thick skin, but use it to protect others.

Leaders make the coffee.

Players win, coaches lose.

Managers convince people to do their best, leaders inspire people to do their best.

Leadership is smiling because no one else is.

Leaders come in early, and make sure everyone else leaves on time.

Leaders do the unpleasant jobs.

Leaders are never too busy to talk, even when they are.

A leader praises publicly, and corrects privately.

Leaders care.

Leaders guard the underside of busses to make sure no one gets tossed there.

A leader serves.

The success of a leader can be measured by their employee’s smiles.

Leaders can be trusted. Even about that one thing.

A leader makes the right decision, even in the absence of good options.

Leaders aren’t always in leadership positions. They don’t have to be.

A leader is honest. Even when honesty isn’t popular or easy.

A leader gives clarity, expectations, assistance, and feedback. Never skipping one.

Leaders don’t delegate the things they can’t do, they do the things that can’t be delegated.

Good leaders sell passion, great leaders create it.

A leader is easy to spot, yet none are alike.

Management can be taught, leadership can only be nurtured.

Leaders aren’t better than everyone else, they make everyone else better.

A leader’s motivation is never leadership itself.

A leader is worth following.

…ok, your turn. What is leadership?

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