Sometimes I Preach (Dec 11th)

This was my sermon from today. My normal disclaimer applies: If you don’t want to hear me preach a Christian sermon from Sunday morning, I won’t be offended. I’m not a professional, etc, etc, etc. Nonetheless, lots of people asked for these, so here ya go. 🙂

December 11, 2011
Title: “I’ve got this job for you…”
Verses: Matthew 1:18-25


(NOTE: The recording quality isn’t great on this, my apologies)

6 thoughts on “Sometimes I Preach (Dec 11th)”

  1. I was going to ask if you actually remember getting the sweater,
    because I know you have memory problems from your accident,
    I wish the story was true and you had photos 🙂

    Great Sermon by the way.

  2. I listened and liked a lot of what you said.

    I don’t think He needs us to protect His name/honor/glory (I’d have put that part a different way).

  3. Hi, Shawn,

    I feel weird writing this, I first came across you through the CBT nuggets videos this last summer (2012). I really enjoyed them and learned a lot. I then stumbled upon your name while looking through Linux Journal. So, I thought, for some reason, that I would check out what you had to say. I liked it.

    I am new to Linux, but somehow, I talked my way into a hosting company as a Linux SysAd. I am struggling, but I love the concept of Linux and open-source that I am enjoying that struggle. I am working on a PhD whose dissertation focuses on teh good stewardship that open-source has for those who do not have.

    Last year, I spent 3 months in Africa teaching a women’s group basic Linux in order to help them build a digital library that will store information on food, nutrition, health, agriculture, etc. It was a powerfully life-changing experience that haunts me eery day. I miss the friends and family that I made there (I was “adopted” by a family while there). Since then, I have continued my Linux journey and wonder how to make it even more powerful. Even so, I find myself struggling. What I mean is, I have a family, other interests, working on this PhD, my new job that I struggle in — and yet . . . I have rededicated myself to my church.

    In retrospect, I truly believe that God sent me to Africa to rediscover what I had forgotten. It now scares me to think of those lonely dark nights without my family where even the stars were different.

    Now working in the Linux world, it is hard to find others who are not atheists or see Linux as a way to further divide the world. I think that this is a way to bring the world even more together by placing free technology into the hands of those who do not have have the means to get it.

    But . . . I remain strong knowing that God will help me become a better SysAd and that I was able to talk my way into this hosting company for a reason. I have gained while there. May these gains are for the better so that I can go back to Africa and finish or continue what I started. I don’t know.

    Thanks for this blog. I, too, struggle with belief and science. I have made my peace with both now, but it is a hard road for me to follow at church since I do think that evolution, the dinosaurs, and stem-cell research are all cool and real things.

    I may be elementary in my answer, but when people ask me, I simply say, it is God’s plan. How could we ever understand it.

    Thanks for this blog. It feels good to know that there is another person out there who is artsy (I am a Literature major), a father, loves Linux, believes in God. I don’t find many in San Antonio, but at least I can come here.

    Keep the good work.

    Oh . . . Your Nugget videos were AWESOME.

    Thanks, Shawn,
    Jim Simpson
    San Antonio, TX

  4. Hey Jim,

    I just read your comment and thought I would share.
    First off, I have not personally met Shawn, but we’ve chatted a few times online and I’ve enjoyed his videos, blogs and writings in Linux Journal. And though I don’t personally know him, I do believe he is a good man and a great father (although he seems to have very bad luck).

    I wanted to state that I’m a huge Linux Fan and I’m a Christian. Some times Linux and Computers are a bit of an idol for me, taking up way more of my time then they should. I get so wrapped up in it, laying awake late some nights because I’m trying to solve a programming problem I had from earlier that day.

    Although you think that evolution, the dinosaurs, and stem-cell research are all cool and real things (I also think that dinosaurs are cool and I think it’s awesome that Job had one as a pet), and although I may not believe that everything start from a Big Bang, that’s not the most important thing. Faith in Jesus is. Which it sound as though you may already have…maybe, you didn’t really say and I don’t want to assume.

    Regardless, I just wanted to let you know there are other God believing, computer obsessed, Linux users out there.


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