In Which Shawn Clarifies His Opinion of Westboro Baptist Church

Perhaps it’s naïveté, perhaps it’s absentmindedness, or perhaps it’s just that people don’t know me as well as I think they do — but yesterday I tweeted something that confused about half the folks who read it: The problem is that I assumed everyone would KNOW I was being completely sarcastic in regards to “thanking” Westboro. … Read more

Sometimes I Preach (Dec 11th)

This was my sermon from today. My normal disclaimer applies: If you don’t want to hear me preach a Christian sermon from Sunday morning, I won’t be offended. I’m not a professional, etc, etc, etc. Nonetheless, lots of people asked for these, so here ya go. 🙂 December 11, 2011 Title: “I’ve got this job … Read more

Sometimes I Preach

I don’t often post about religion or politics. Mainly because that’s not what I feel my blog is for. I just don’t want my personal blog space to be a focal point for religious and political disagreement. I want it to be a neutral ground that everyone can play in. Today, however, I figured I’d … Read more

I Got Nothin’

I’m tired. It’s been a long week. One funny story (well, funny for me): I was talking with my friend Josh this evening, and he commented that Easter week is always really busy and tiring. He’s a pastor, so I’m sure that’s the case. My response was, “Yeah, it was pretty tough on Jesus too…” … Read more

30 Hours Later…

Boy am I tired. This update won’t be as elaborate as I planned, because I need to get some rest — but here’s the skinny: * We had 27 kids attend the 30 Hour Famine * Our original goal was to collect $360 (This feeds a child for a year) * We raised over $3000. … Read more

30 Hour Famine

On March 14th & 15th, our church youth group (Donna and I are the leaders) is doing a fund raiser to help feed starving kids. It’s a 30 hour hunger strike type deal, and the kids are gaining sponsorship to send money to feed some of the 29,000 kids that die every day. This is … Read more