Merry Christmas

Here’s a 1:45 snippet of the culmination of 2 months worth of preparation. My wife was the director of the children’s Christmas musical at our church this year, and tonight was the performance. We’re not sure what we’re going to do with ourselves now that there won’t be 3 practices a week, with 3 times … Read more

Reason for the Season?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Christian through and through. I get annoyed by holiday catch-phrases though. Like the, “Jesus is the reason for the season” pins? Or emails? 100 a day? The truth of the matter is that the axial tilt of the Earth is the reason for the season. Or any season for … Read more

Raking Update

It turns out I did have helpers, and some were even adults. (Thanks Josh!) As soon as we emptied that last tarp, the snow started coming down pretty hard, and before we even had the rakes all put into the van, the freshly raked lawn was covered with a blanket of white stuff. We cut … Read more

Exciting Excitement

Today was our first large Youth Group gathering. (My wife and I are the youth leaders for our church) The object lesson was a cup of tea, or more specifically, steeping a cup of tea. Here’s the video I made for the event. Don’t judge me. πŸ™‚ Just in case YouTube is blocked for you, … Read more

Back from the retreat!

What a great 3 days! We’re all pretty tired, but everyone is home safe and sound. Here’s a little video snippet. I have the yellow balloon. (If you watch close, I almost pass out!) [flv: 400 300]


I’ve had more than a 3 day gap in posts before, but for the next 3 days I’ll have a reason. Or excuse. Or something. Donna and I are going with the youth group to lead a retreat. It’s in a beautiful camp located on 6.5 miles of Lake Huron waterfront. The forecast calls for … Read more

Would you go to Hell for your kids?

Pretty bold question, I know. Seriously though, almost any parent would *die* for their child without hesitation. A parent’s love transcends morality, responsibility, and do-gooding. The love a parent has for their child is indescribable, and is the only way we get a glimpse of the Lord’s love for us. Therein lies my dilemma. See, … Read more