4 thoughts on “Raking Update”

  1. Hubby and I generally wait to rake until three guys in a twenty year old car come along and offer to rake the yard and do the gutters for $75 and a case of beer. Oddly enough, this happens every year. If it did not, we’d have many years of leaves accumulated on our lawn, and Hubby’s only comment would be, “It’s good for the grass – fertilizer.”

  2. That’s why they invented the pull-behind leaf bagger/sweeper for lawn tractors, Shawn. I do my yard in about twenty minutes – and my lawn tractor has a cup holder for my beer.

    I was going to say that I wasn’t bragging, but I guess I actually am.

    And raking leaves in long johns, why? Is there another way? It’s just above zero here today.


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