In Which I Change the Numeric System

I found this note taped to my office door this morning. I’m the technology director for a K12 school, and my office is inside the library. You now have just as much information as I do. Please tell me what this note means.


My guesses are:

  1. I’m expected to “fix” the state Lotto, or
  2. Manage a football team, or
  3. Eradicate all signs of the metric system in door-taped notes

I can’t even think of more snark. The note completely perplexes me. I’m not opposed to being perplexed mind you, but this level of perplexedness is rather uncommon. I anxiously await your interpretations.

UPDATE: Apparently, comments are now broken for this post. I don’t know why. If you can’t comment, I apologize. I’ll try to figure it out later…

UPDATE2: Fixed. Dunno what the deal was.

6 thoughts on “In Which I Change the Numeric System”

  1. Probably means change computer 10 to computer 27 or something of that nature… naming convention, hostname? I don’t know how you do it nowadays.

    That note is pretty cryptic… When you learn what it is you should definitely post it.

    BTW, this post made me laugh.

  2. I tried to find a pattern. 19 1; 20 2, 22 3, 25 …fell all apart right there, and doesn’t explain the 6 (or the 10, for that matter). Baffling. I can’t wait to hear what it means.

    Suppose there’s any significance to the fact that the number was originally 23?


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