Small Town Awesome

Just as I’m whining on Twitter about running with asthma, and having a pity party for my otherwise healthy self, my phone rings. It’s a police officer from my home town. (I’m currently in another town, about 35 miles away)


“Hi Shawn! This is Gordon. Are you missing something?”

Now, to be clear, Gordon is a friend. He goes to the same church, and he just coached my daughter’s softball team. Still, I panicked a bit, because he is a cop. Had I forgotten to put the dogs in the house when we left, and they ate the neighbor lady’s cat? Did someone steal my truck? (I haven’t had the keys out of the ignition for years) Did someone take one of my kids while I was wheezing on the jogging trail?

Nope. I apparently lost my wallet. I never thought I’d be so relieved over losing my wallet. I hadn’t noticed yet, but like an idiot, I groped myself to check.

“Someone found it on Lake street near the park. The police have it there at the Petoskey PD.”

I had to ask Gordon if he knew where the Petoskey PD was, and figured I’d have to come back during the day to pick it up. I was wrong.

“Nah, of you’re still in Petoskey, I can contact an officer. Go on over and you can pick it up.”

So I did. When I got to the Police Department, it was indeed closed, but an officer was waiting for me in his car. After a friendly over-scrutiny of my drivers license photo, he smiled and gave me the wallet. He said someone found it near the curb and turned it in. Even the $10 bill from the ATM was still inside. 🙂

When I think about how many layers of awesome I just experienced – it kinda puts my “bad day” into a whole new light. Thanks Gordon, for calling me personally. Thanks Petoskey PD for contacting Gordon, however you managed that. And thank you kind soul on Lake street, you’re the sort of person that gives me hope for humanity. 🙂

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